Future calling is…

A game currently in developement using the power of unreal engine 5

It is a dark Singleplayer Story-Driven RPG with heavy focus on characters and Roleplaying aspects.

It is a somewhat-post-apocalyptic RPG game set in a world where the sun has been mysteriously blocked out, causing the planet to plunge into darkness and chaos.

The game is set in the year 2055, after a catastrophic event known as “The Eclipse” blocked out the sun. Scientists are still trying to determine the cause of the event, but some theories suggest it was the result of a massive asteroid impact, a super volcanic eruption, or even a deliberate act of sabotage by a shadowy organization.

As a result of the eclipse, the world is now shrouded in permanent darkness, with only the faint glow of artificial light sources providing any illumination. Plants and animals have mutated in strange and dangerous ways, and some humans have developed special abilities as a result of the event. These Humans are called the “Afflicted” and their powers are very different and individual from afflicted to afflicted. These people have been a divicive factor in all of these events. They find themselves to be the scapegoat for the clueless.

The player is one of these afflicted and must explore the run-down city of New Haven, a city that was promised to be a marvel of modern technology. But the eclipse has stopped funding for the renovation, leaving it an incomplete mess with cracked pavement that fittingly seems to match the morale of the people living in it. They will battle against gangs of marauders, thieves and mutated creatures, while also uncovering the secrets of what really caused the eclipse. Along the way, they will encounter strange and interesting characters, some of whom may become allies or enemies depending on the choices they make and will hone their skills to ready themselves for the dramatic turn of events ahead.